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We like to play. We also like to share.

While knowledge of the participants and their histories aids the enjoyment of these logs, in general they can be appreciated on their own. Roleplay styles change from character to character and log to log, foci shifting between informed narrator, external-narrator, and dialogue; we welcome you to join in sharing yours!

In any case, if you've questions about a particular scene, please @send MOO-mail to the character of whoever posted the link or sent in the log (if known, otherwise someone else featured in the scene); people usually appreciate a nice hello.

Our main public collection's at the logs mailing list archive, thanks to Terise, and visit our character pages for more!

Side note: Much of the best roleplay is highly character-based and by its nature refers to past histories and involves subtext that might make it virtually inaccessible to a reader new to these characters—plus, they tend to be of interest to fewer people—and so logs of this nature are on average less likely to have been posted or linked to. Still, some may have sneaked past. They do that, y'know...




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