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The on-camera areas of Dragonsfire center around the protectorates of Fort and Ista Weyrs for better excuses to roleplay.  We have three holds, four crafts, a trading clan, and the two weyrs, plus a couple of tiny areas that no PCs live in—like Monaco Bay—that're just A Place To Go That's Different for roleplay.

Territories of Dragonsfire MOO

Southern Boll Hold
Weaver Hall

Fort Hold
Harper Hall
Healer Hall
Fort Weyr

Ista Hold
Istan Smith Hall
Ista Weyr

Clan Enlander



Character Webpages



Rt. Ista Weyr Headwoman

Akira Fort rider of blue Yolinth

Allegria Harper Master

Creer Enlander Clan Commissioner
Elbera Harper Apprentice
Gretchen Fort Jr. Weyrwoman to Jespeth

Jeretta Istan rider of brown Ruulth
Jill Fort rider of brown Arcath
Kyla Istan rider of green Niabeth
M'gael Fort rider of bronze Theronth
Misha Fort Weyr Fosterling
Mystech Harper Journeyman
N'fra Fort rider of green Tefiath

Quin Fort rider of green Ulanith

Rhia Istan rider of green Ahzraelth

Shel Southern Boll Headwoman

Zipporah Weaver Journeyman




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